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It’s obviously been a hard thing to get a grasp of as it’s all been so sudden, but I’ve started to ease into it while trying to balance college and making the most of it all at the same.

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Everybody in this world has their own Journey that they walk. Everybody can insert their sob story here, like I always say. We all have been through our own times and troubles. I can remember my aunt.

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The cult of the all-nighter starts somewhere in high school to prepare you for a worse all-nighter cult in college, which in.

The last true anti-interventionist in my soiled former party, Gravel blitzed the DNC like Don Quixote on Geritol, with a guerrilla campaign that literally consisted of a handful of rag-tag college.

How the Internet Killed Feminism – Finally, one of the bloggers she “fucked with,” as one of them put it.

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Your Complete Guide to January 2020 Events in Seattle – Bring your bots, and your questions about how fucked we’ll be once those deepfakes starting hitting mainstream airways.

By the basketball coach, by the guys from my neighborhood, by the girl I had been dating. So I rapped how I felt.

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