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Why Nitish Kumar wants a ban on porn – Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar wants a blanket ban on pornographic websites for spreading objectionable digital content.

Indian Office Sex Vedios Wing Commander Pooja Thakur of the Indian Air Force becomes the first female officer to lead the Guard of Honour at. . that videos doing the rounds online of a purported video sex chat between him and a woman “are morphed”. A report on the. The original photo shows a smiling Obama shaking hands with

South Africans carry the largest HIV burden globally. How they tackle their youth treatment crisis could hold lessons for the.

Fucking Odia toki from kendrapara.mp4Dancer raises the issue of male-female union like that of Shiva and Shakti – In our society today, females are considered the weaker sex. Both Shiva and Shakti are everything and nothing in their own.

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The biggest cyber crime is circulation of sexually explicit material, which is infamously known in Odisha as viral sex videos.